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Kingsway Corporate Services Pty Ltd is the distributor for Bridgeworks and Paralan in our local region and authorised reseller for DISUK;

DISUK  DISUK is a UK based manufacturer of hardware encryption appliances for tape systems. The DISUK range of Paranoia tape encryption appliances was launched in 1996, and successfully protects data across a variety of business sectors, including banking, insurance, healthcare, government and the military, around the world. DISUK Limited is a privately owned UK company, dedicated to developing and supplying storage security solutions to address the critical business requirements of their customers. Requirements include data privacy, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection and internal controls. DISUK Limited provides security solutions to many of the world’s largest enterprises.  With a large proportion of their team focused on R&D, DISUK Limited continuously works to develop and enhance the product range to meet the needs of our customers. They are committed to long term customer support which ensures customers’ investment in Paranoia equipment has a low total cost of ownership.


Paralan Before the development of SCSI Bus Expanders, SCSI cable length was restricted to short distances. To address this limitation, Paralan Corporation invented and manufactured the world's first fiber optic SCSI Bus Extender compatible with any manufacturer's SCSI host adapters and SCSI peripherals.  As pioneers in developing and manufacturing this technology, Paralan is the most trusted name in SCSI Bus Enhancement. The company's high-quality, reliable product lines include iSCSI Bridges, SCSI Extenders, SCSI Converters, SCSI Enhanced Drives and Narrow Replacement Drive, SCSI Switches, premium SCSI Quiet Cables™, SCSI Cable Testers, and Ultra320 Host Bus AdaptersFounded in 1988, San Diego-based Paralan designs and manufactures both off-the-shelf and custom products for industry leaders like IBM, Xerox, and Northrop Grumman. Paralan's products are embedded in computer installations worldwide, making SCSI work. And, because SCSI is our only business, Paralan will continue to lead the market in cutting edge SCSI technologies. 


Bridgeworks - With a 28-plus year history of technical leadership, Bridgeworks is a global provider of connectivity solutions for the Data Storage market. We design, manufacture and market products for both OEMs and end users.

From our UK base, we have already helped organisations worldwide in government, education, financial, and many other sectors to reap the benefits of new connection technologies by making their existing storage systems and servers  compatible with the latest protocols without disruption and with minimal additional investment.  We are now using our wealth of experience in this field to solve one of the long standing issues of how to transmit data vast distances over both private and public networks using TCP/IP with little or no impact on performance. 
The only constant, is change. And nothing is more true of the storage industry. Many times over the past few years we have seen fundamental changes in the way Servers and Storage devices communicate. New protocols, new interfaces, and new topologies have come thick and fast. However, rarely have these kept in step with one another.

We provide a complete series of products that bridge the gap between the differing protocols, interfaces and topologies that are simple to install, have high performance and are cost effective. But we are not just about
protocol bridging, by applying our expertise in storage protocols, storage peripherals and storage software, we have developed the SANSlide product range which allows organisations to connect storage via TCP/IP over vast distances with little performance drop off no matter what the delays are on the line.


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